Traditional Braces

At Georgetown Orthodontics, we know that your smile matters! And working towards a better smile can boost your oral health and completely change your level of confidence. No matter your orthodontic needs, our team can suggest the best ways to improve your smile. Crowded teeth, misalignment, overbite and several other issues can be fixed with the help of our team. One of the most common choices for orthodontic care is traditional braces. If your or your child is in need of braces in the Georgetown, CT area, call our team today to schedule your consultation!

Benefits of Traditional Braces

More advanced than ever before, traditional braces offer a tried and true method for straightening teeth. Although Invisalign and other methods blend in better with your smile, traditional braces can fix a wider range of bite and alignment problems. Traditional braces work quickly to fix complex alignment issues and are typically more affordable than other straightening methods. Depending on your smile, your orthodontist will recommend the best choice for you. Benefits of traditional braces include:

  • Durable – Traditional braces are strong, made with quality materials for gradually and precisely straightening your teeth.
  • Affordable – One of the most cost-effective methods for orthodontic treatment is traditional braces. 
  • Versatile – Traditional braces can address alignment issues that other methods of orthodontic care may not be able to fix.

Honest, All-Inclusive Pricing

Our team wants each patient to be able to afford their orthodontic care so that they can take the proper steps towards a better smile. We offer several ways to pay for treatment, including financing options. Our finance team will show you all expected costs before treatment begins, so there aren’t any surprises when it comes to pricing. We will discuss your finance options and help you find the best way to pay for your treatment. Together, we can find the best path for you to build a more confident smile!

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