Digital X-Rays

At Georgetown Orthodontics, we want to make each patient’s experience as smooth and convenient as possible. One way we plan and determine the right type of orthodontic treatment is through digital x-rays. By performing x-rays, we can take a closer look at each patient’s smile and accurately plan out treatment from the information we have gathered.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays Include:

  • Safer – Digital x-rays reduce exposure to radiation by 90%!
  • Faster – With digital imaging, we can immediately view images. No waiting time needed!
  • Smarter – These x-rays eliminate the need for materials used to develop or print images.
  • Better – Digital x-rays produce clearer images that can be easily magnified for a closer look!
  • Easier – Images can be stored for future use and quickly sent to specialists digitally when needed.

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