Digital X-rays

Digital radiographs (x-rays) are a computer generated image that offers many benefits over traditional film based radiographs.

The advantages of this evolution in dental imaging include:

  • Significantly less radiation is necessary
  • No developing time; instant viewing on our computers
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Enhanced image quality over traditional x-rays
  • Capability for virtual conferencing with you or your dentist


Get necessary care without unnecessary radiation.

The digital x-ray requires 90% less radiation than conventional film x-ray. As x-rays are an invaluable aspect of a proper diagnosis, we have taken every measure to make this procedure as safe as possible for our patients.


More time treating, less time processing.

There is no waiting for conventional processing so the images are viewable immediately. This allows our doctors and staff members to spend more time with our patients in discussing their orthodontic needs than preparing the x-rays for viewing.


The digital x-ray is also better for our environment. There are no hazardous wastes created from developer and fixer. There are no lead backing on the film x-rays.


As accurate as conventional x-rays — and reveals things film can’t.

We are now able to magnify and manipulate x-rays by correcting the contrast, colorization, and create negatives to improve imaging.


The digital x-ray is stored in the patient’s computer record and can be viewed at any time.

With this technology, virtual conferencing is possible. We can discuss your case with you or your dentist saving you time and unnecessary travel.