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Orthodontic Treatment for Your Overall Health

orthodontist Wilton CTOrthodontic treatment is usually thought of as cosmetic—a way to turn crooked or incorrectly spaced teeth into a perfect, straight smile. However, orthodontic treatment affects more than just the appearance of the teeth. As our orthodontist can explain in an initial consultation, orthodontic treatment can help reduce wear and tear on your teeth and prevent long term problems such as clenching, grinding and TMJ disorder.

How Orthodontics Can Help Your Health

The health of your teeth and mouth is important to your overall health. If your teeth are poorly spaced or crooked, you cannot chew thoroughly, which reduces the efficiency of your digestive system overall. Or you might choose not to eat foods that are difficult to chew, which could reduce your intake of fiber and other important nutrients.

Misalignment can also lead to premature and abnormal wear and tear to your teeth. If your teeth wear down too quickly, you could face tooth loss at an early age. Loss of teeth and extensive wear and tear can cause even more misalignment, causing problems to build up over time such as TMJ disorder that could require surgery to repair. Correcting your misalignment greatly reduces the possibility of these problems becoming more severe over time.

Orthodontic Treatment

The most well known orthodontic treatment is traditional braces. This treatment uses stationary metal braces affixed to the teeth and attached to each other with flexible bands. These bands gradually pull the teeth into the proper position over time. Traditional braces are commonly used among adolescents to correct issues as permanent teeth come in.

Other orthodontic treatments include porcelain braces, Invisalign, palate expanders and other treatments designed to correct alignment and be sure the teeth are properly positioned. Your orthodontist will discuss your particular needs and the best way to bring your teeth into their optimal alignment in the long term.

To find out how orthodontic treatment can help you both improve your smile and improve your overall health, please contact our office serving Wilton CT at 203-544-9338 for a consultation.

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What To Expect At Your First Orthodontic Evaluation

Orthodontics is the field of dental therapy that deals with the correction of irregular bites and misaligned teeth. Wit that in mind, the goal of every orthodontist is to straighten out dentition to correct various types of malocclusion. The treatments are long-term and will require multiple visits. When braces or Invisalign are involved, this procedure will require about two years, although the span varies per case.

Before treatment begins, your orthodontist serving Wilton CT will evaluate your bite to determine a treatment plan to suit you best. This process can be accomplished in a few hours at most. Often, digital photographs will be taken of your dentition during this evaluation.

The second step involves taking a dental radiograph or panoramic x-ray to establish if you have any missing or impacted teeth. It will also help the orthodontist in determining if your alveolar bone is dense enough to withstand the push and pull forces that come with orthodontic therapy. Other tools can also be utilized to determine your facial profile to use for further study during the span of your treatment.

Bite impressions are then taken. Alginate is poured into little trays which are then inserted into your mouth. The impressions are used to study your bite and the placement of your teeth. It also helps the orthodontist to determine what areas to start moving, especially when dealing with complex cases.

Lastly, you will be taken to the consultation area. This is where the orthodontist discusses the plan of treatment with the patient or parent. Feel free to ask questions and if you do not understand some parts, ask for a detailed explanation. If you have overly crowded teeth and small jaws, you may need extractions. Impacted teeth will need to be extracted as well. This can be done during a separate appointment.

To learn more and to schedule your initial orthodontic evaluation, please contact Georgetown Orthodontics today.

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